GIT (glitterfairy in training), Michelle!

Meet my wonderful new Wilton High School Intern, Michelle!

I am thrilled to have another set of hands here in the studio.
She will be designing, organizing and helping 
with the manufacturing of our glittergoods.
As you can see, she is already into the paint 
and will be glittering soon!

I hope to teach her all about running a cottage business 
and, of course,
how to be a GIT, aka, "glitterfairy in training"!

Welcome, Michelle!

My newest collection...

Designed exclusively for The Kennebunkport Resort Collection,
these will be available soon at The Tides Beach Club, Hidden Pond, 
The Cottages at Cabot Cove and The Kennebunkport Inn.

Each venue has it's own set of glittery ornaments.  

Now visitors may take a bit of their Maine vacation home with them...

If you are looking for a VERY special place to stay in Maine, 
check out these lovely resorts 

and tell them The Glitterfairy sent you!