Three, two, one...ta dahhhhhhh!

Yes, one of my glittery dreams has come true...
I have been selected by the most talented Amy Powers of Inspireco fame, 
to be her featured artist in November's "inspiredfriends" boutique!!!!

Please click HERE to have a lookey-look!

Amy not only is a gifted artist & entrepreneur, but a world-class designer, who gives each of her artists' shops a gorgeous and unique graphic design.  
As I have almost exclusively slid into the world of wholesaling, my glittery goodness is not available at local Holiday shows and boutiques anymore.  And if you don't live near one of the shops where my products are sold, you might not get to see my stuff. 
So this is a wonderful opportunity to look and buy, 
so beautifully presented by dear, sweet, Amy.
Sending glittery hugs your way...
The Glitter Fairy 


Big, big, big surprise coming your way!!!!!

Check back here November 1st 
for a spectacular, glittery event!!!  

I guarantee you'll be smiling.....

see ya then......


This is the kind of help I get around here....

"Hey Mom, when is snack time?  I know ya got some Greenies in the drawer..."
" Time for a...little (yawn)...nappie...zzz...zz...z"

Seriously folks, I am so sorry I have been such a blog deadbeat lately.  
I got some ginormous wholesale orders and have been glittering up a storm over here...and it's not letting up any time soon...so thank you for your patience.  

I really do miss blogging and reading about all your adventures.  
I'll be checking in whenever I come up for air...

Glittery hugs,
The Glitter Fairy


Check out my buddy Marnie's very cool frames...

Marnie and I have known each other forever...since our kids were babies, and I am thrilled to show you her latest and greatest frames using my favorite fabrics in the whole ever-lovin' world, from SisBoom.  
You simply slide your picture or momento or whatever you want under the ribbons, and it stays in place until you change your mind and stick something else in.  Perfect for someone like me who can't sit still for more than about 30 seconds.  (News flash: I like to change stuff around all the time. Now there's a surprise!)  No more opening up a frame, cleaning fingerprints off the glass, breaking the glass...you know the drill.  
Pure simplicity with a sweet shock of SisBoom color!
Stop by Marnie's blog and tell her the Glitter Fairy says hi!

Teddy McSnouterson

No, Teddy, you're neither an artichoke nor a garlic, but if you stay in this box much longer, I'll surely glitter you!  That's some snorglicious snout, eh?


This is what kids do with a sparkler, a camera and a beautiful summer night...

Just thought this was very cool.  They ( the kidzzzz) thought they were verrrrrry cool, too!


A tantalizing trio...

I took these little beauties up to my newest fav store, The Gilded Nest, in Georgetown CT.  It's amazing what a bit of glitter, a velvet leaf or two and some decorative paper can do for these simple little frames.  So sweet...a little glitterbirdie landed on the first one! 


Time for the Stationery Show in NYC!!!

I am so excited to see all the new colors & trends that this year's collections will bring.  
And I always am looking for new suppliers for paper, etc, which I will find at The Supply Side, also part of The Stationery Show at The Javitts Center in NYC. 
(These handmade tags above are some of my own designs on silk ribbons)
I am also meeting some fab friends there, 
including the one-and-only Suzi Finer, the creator of www.iamadiva.com!  
(Just for the record, I am one of her divas...tee hee!  
Check out the website---it's a blast and full of lots of useful info and an online store with fantastic products!)
Monday just can't come soon enough for me!

Grace & Company Paperie - Bainbridge Island, WA

Got some great pix of a fantastic shop in the Seattle area, 
where I sell some of my glittered goods.  Over the past year I have sent them glitterbirdies, glittered letters, sea horses, sanddollars, crowns and "bee mine" gift tags.
Isn't this place just delish???  Everything I love...in one sparkley place...heaven...
You must stop by if you are in the area and tell them The Glitter Fairy sent ya!


Two artichokes on a stick...

It's amazing what you can do with artichokes!  I glittered & impaled a couple of them, popped them into a green painted cast-iron urn and voila...
a nifty artichoke topiary.  
Artichokes are fast becoming my biggest selling ornaments at holiday time.  I glaze 'em with gold dust or a bit of lime green glitter, add a bow and a hand-forged hook and folks hang 'em on their holiday tree or a chandelier or nestle them in the greens on the mantle.
  Who knew the thorny little buggers that are 
so darned hard to eat 
(but so darned delish) would make such fine decorations? 
Nature really is perfect, 'ya know... 
I guess I'm just an artichoke addict.....


Yup, it's a yummy, glittery frame!

Hope you'll come and join me for this fun workshop on May 10th at Tinsel Trading Company in NYC.  You'll have a blast sifting thru Tinsel's amazing collection of trims to "trick-out" your glittered frame, including the tiniest of birdies, and of course, there will be lots of 
vintage glass glitter...
Call 212-730-1030 to sign up!

Happy Spring to you all and I'm off for a bit of R&R for next week.
Catch ya later.
The Glitter Fairy


Sneaky peek # 2...

As you can see, there are beautiful flowers & a glittered birdie involved....
This project is very fun and easy and makes a nice place for a picture or a mirror.
Can ya guess what it is????
love ya,
The Glitter Fairy


GlitterWorkshop coming up soon.....

Wanted to give you a peek at my upcoming workshop in NYC...

47 West 38th Street (between 5th & 6th)
May 10th
12 - 3 pm
All I'm gonna tell you is that it is going to be FUNNNNNNN! 
And, of course, there will be glitter involved!
Give them a call at 212-730-1030 to sign up!
Love ya,
The Glitter Fairy...


Glitter Gives Back!!!!!

Perhaps some of you might have heard that Ellen DeGeneres mentioned her dislike of glitter on one of her past shows...Needless to say, I was cut to the quick, ( oh, the horror of it all...) but I heal quickly and just as quickly forgot about it. ( Remember I have the attention span of a gnat! )  And ya gotta figure she was kidding, right???  She's a comedian, after all.  I do love her.  However, as for "glitter",  she knows not of whateth she speaketh...

However, this burning issue has once again surfaced in my glittery world and I want to tell you what's going on...

Tomorrow, there will be a very friendly, tongue-in-cheek, rally outside Ellen's TV studio, to show her glitter is not evil and that there are actually some alternatives to messy, loose glitter. They will all be trying to help Ellen "get her glitter on!" [CC_Rally_LowRes.jpg] The press will be there and who knows what will happen...and I live too darned far away to attend!  Rats!  I would have loved to have personally enlightened her re the joys of glitter...

My newest crafter-in-glittery-crime, the crafty chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo (www.CraftyChica.com), did manage to score some tickets and will be in the audience of Ellen's show the next day, Wednesday, so the subject of glitter might just come up!  Fun!  (Note:  The word "glitter" always comes out of Martha Stewart's mouth when I'm in the audience...YAY!!!!!)  BTW, Kathy is an amazing artist, author, teacher and diva of all crafy goodness!  Check out her website and blog.

However, Kathy has also cooked up something much more important...she has 
organized a bunch of us glitter artists to donate to IdolGivesBack, a most worthy cause.  The special IdolgivesBack show will air Wednesday night, and after crying my eyes out last year while watching the show and seeing all the suffering children, I am sooooooo happy to be able to give something back myself.  Kathy kick-started me to do something worthwhile and therefore,  have posted three brand-spanking new products in my etsy shop, and will donate all the moola to IdolGivesBack.  
This bird-in-nest Trinket or Gift Box is my latest product, just in time for Spring!
(Editor's note:  This puppy just sold!!!  Yay!)
Remember my paper plate pedestals on Martha last October?  Well, the duct-cap surfaces yet again in this unlikely combo!  Instead of paper plates, I used a trusty duct-cap, mounted it on a candlestick and glittered the whole shebang with silver vintage German glass glitter, and tricked it out with fringy & funky vintage 1 " and 1/4" tinsel roping for giggles.
Last but not least, I glittered a teensy weensy birdie and her eggs with silver glass glitter, popped her atop a 1 1/2" nest and tied it up with a velvet leaf and pale blue seam binding.   I sell these as gift toppers. They add a touch of sparkly spring when tied into a bow on a package. I'll be shipping a bunch of these babies to Tinsel Trading Company and ABC Carpet & Home in NYC to sell.  (Editor's note:  This just sold, too!!! Double Yay!)

Please take a moment and go to etsy and take a look at the over 30 glittery items for sale.  All proceeds will be donated to IdolGivesBack.  There are some pretty cool things there!

This time, glitter can do a little more than just make ya smile!

Glittery hugs,

The Glitter Fairy


Live, from New York...500 and counting...

Had a perfectly wonderful day in New York last week. I was invited (as a former guest) to be in the studio audience to help Martha Stewart celebrate her 500th show.  I had soooo much fun seeing Martha & my buddies, and taking in the gorgeous set (from the other side of the camera, that is...)!  And what a gorgeous set it is.  Really stunning...This six foot tall ice sculpture was quite amazing!  The sculptors were smoothing and adjusting it right up to show time and the studio lights transformed it into a rainbow of color. 

Conan was hilarious throwing around glitter, the Desanto sisters were a riot cooking Easter Pie and President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at the end to discuss his humanitarian efforts.  Quite a group!  

We were permitted to take a few pictures after the show ...
Martha looked radiant and sooooo happy to be celebrating her 500th show, not a small accomplishment!  After the show,  she answered some questions from the audience.
At the very end, Martha invited the whole TV gang up for a nice group picture. 

They always make me feel like royalty...I had all of the fun and NONE of the nerves this time!


Applause, please...

I would be remiss if I didn't mention three wonderful people who made Saturday's workshop such a success.

Marcia, the owner of Tinsel Trading Company, graciously opens her doors to us for these amazing workshops and doesn't even mind that there are traces of glitter in the floorboards for all of eternity...
Keith, the manager of  The Store Across the Street,  was our amazing host with the most, and kept us all well watered, snapped some great pictures, and was ready in the blink of an eye if we needed anything.  His jokes and smiles helped keep the atmosphere festive...
And of course, Terri, our workshop organizer extraordinaire, did a great job handling sign-ups, scheduling, promo & materials, and way too many other details to try to explain...

You all rock my world and I thank you from the bottom of my glittery little heart.

Can't wait for the next workshop...maybe something with sea stars for summer & beach house...hmmmm....we'll see....
The Glitter Fairy


Another grrrrrreeeeaaaaat workshop!

Oh, the fun we had on Saturday. Wish you all could have been there. We crafted beautiful wire trees in glittered urns and dusted some birdies and eggs with more of the stuff...and of course, ate chocolate bunnies & malted milk easter eggs. ( One of my workshops isn't complete without chocolate, ya know! )First we glittered our cast iron urns with vintage silver glass glitter and let them dry. Next, we twisted the wire strands into a trunk shape with branches and roots. Then we bent the roots so they would fit down into the urn. Yay! We got it to stand up in the urn all by itself!!! (nobody sneeze, OK?)
Next it was time to mix & pour plaster...Now the fun began...time to start shaping the branches. This is where each artist's personality started to emerge. We twisted, twirled and coaxed those little wires into the most beautiful shapes.Everyone's tree came out to be so different, yet absolutely wonderful...I think everyone was amazed to see a thing of such beauty emerge from a pile of copper electrical wire!
It was very tough to say good-bye to this group...such amazing people...and we had such a blast!

Thanks to Marcia @ Tinsel Trading Company, and to our workshop organizer, Terri, for yet again allowing me to teach my craft and share my love of all things glittered!

The Glitter Fairy


Hot off the presses...

These sweet gift tie-ons are heading out to some shops...just perfect to tie into a bow on a gift box.  The sun is actually shing today and I really believe Spring is coming.  I can almost hear these little birdies tweeting!

Hey lookey who just landed on this glittery box...

Yup, a dear little glitter bird flew in from Florida, just in time for Spring, and landed on this box!  She has three tiny blue glittered eggs in her nest and a banner proclaiming "happy easter". Makes me want to jump for joy---so darned cute!  Would love to have kept her for myself, but she already flew away with a customer to be an Easter gift for someone special...

Guess I'll have to make some more....


Getting ready to pop this beauty in the mail...

Watch out, Mr. Mailman...this sucker's gonna be heavy! The base urn is glittered cast iron!!! Then there's the plaster and copper wire...no lightweights here! 

I've just finished up this wire tree with ornaments and will be shipping it off to my client just in time for the Easter Bunny! Thought you'd like a sneak peek. Don't have time right now to post any close-up pix of the ornaments...maybe tomorrow...
BTW, there is still a space or two for my workshop this Saturday in NYC @ Tinsel Trading Company, if you'd like to learn how to make one yourself. Give them a buzz and we'll squeeze ya in.


Glitter birdies and dragonfly beds....

Easter is creeping up so quickly...I've been working on some sweet glitter birdie ornaments with fancy German tinsel roping and mini nests...perfect for the Easter tree or quince branch...I'm also making some dragonfly & bumblebee beds ( yup, they sleep on velvet leaves...now you know...).


Thinking Spring...

Lots of colors are flying around here...soft pinks, magentas, moss green, chartreuse...Spring must be right around the corner...I'll put a bumblebee on anything, I tell 'ya! Isn't this bee tag suh-weeeeeeet? These tags and many more are headed for some shops...Am working on Easter stuff already. Sheesh! Wasn't it just Valentine's Day yesterday???
Anyway...here's something fun to do to jazz up your Easter Basket.
Take your favorite jumbo candy bar (I like Dove, Cadbury & Lindt), take off the outer wrapper, leaving the foil intact. Cut out two complementary decorative papers and wrap & tape them over the foil. Add ribbon, a velvet leaf...and perhaps an itty-bitty chickie, and voila! You've got a great looking candy bar which would make a swell hostess gift at Easter dinner or a special present for your children's basket. Of course, I have traced some glue pen over the patterned papers in a few areas and sprinkled a bit of non-glass glitter on top. Gives it a bit of sparkle! My biggest challenge is to NOT eat the chocolate before delivering it to a store!!! (Note: I haven't quite recovered from Halloween candy yet!)
It's a bit dreary outside here so I thought I'd brighten up the day with some colors...


I've been tagged by my buddy, Suzi Finer....

Yup, Miss Suzi wants to know what I'm reading today, so she tagged me with a "Book meme"...
Here goes....

"Just go up to everyone you see, introduce yourself, and start talking" It's that "just" word again. Like it's so easy.This passage is from
Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur
by my dear friend & guru, Jane Pollak.

Note: I totally recommend this book to all you entrepreneurial types out there. It is jam-packed with fantastic info to help you build your dreams & talents into a successful business while maintaining balance in your life.

The rules of "Book meme":
Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages
Find page 123 (don't cheat!)
Find the first five sentences
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people

I'm tagging Jennifer of SisBoom, Karla of Sugar Bear Designs, Linda of Restyled Home, Lidy of Little French Garden House and Kim of Musings. What are you guys reading today???

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day to all...
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and xo!
The Glitter Fairy


Another Fab Workshop @ Tinsel Trading Company!

Combine one part glitter, one part crafter, one part slightly whacky teacher, one part chocolate and what have you got??? One heckuva great time, I tell 'ya!!!

Oh, what fun we had tossing around faux posies, velvet leaves and of course, glitter! I swear, I have THE most wonderful students...and they made gorgeous, glittery trinket boxes and tags. We painted, cut, glued and glittered, as the afternoon flew by!

And each finished box & tag was unique as its creator.

That's what I love about teaching. You can toss out lots of materials, technical advice (and chocolate...) and you get the most amazing results!

NOTE: We also ate brownies with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, Dove chocolates, drank Pellegrino and soaked up all that indescribubble-icious Tinsel Trading vibe.

Heaven, by my standards...

(I simply cannot wait for my next class in March! We'll be making wire trees in glittered urns for Easter.)

Many thanks to my students - (you rock!) - , Terri Ventura, our fearless organizer, and of course, Marcia, the owner of TT, who graciously opens her glittery shop to us for these fun events.

Love you guys...xoxo


Love is in the air.......

This little birdie is holding his lovey-dovey message in his beak. I glass glittered the birdie & nest, added a tinsel necklace with a frilly flower, glued his banner in his beak, popped in some green shred & a blue egg...and he's ready to go. He's flying to Westport.Here are the rest of the heart ornaments. Each one is about 5 inches tall with a different combo of flowers, bugs and leaves and words.
I'll be so sad when Valentine's Day is over. I just love making heart designs...
au revoir, mes amis...