Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Families to Families Boutique at Trackside was a huge success! 

We sold lots of glittergoods, gave (and received) lots of  hugs 
and took enough orders to keep us busy 'til Christmas eve!!!! 
(and we got to debut our fab new aprons, embroidered by SignatureStyle)
 I am always amazed at how our town supports artists 
and small businesses. 

The mix of vendors was such fun...Gorgeous handmade Signature 
Collection and grainsack bags from Sharp Hill Designs, whimsical hats, 
pillows and scarves (all made from repurposed sweaters) 
from Bev's Boilers, Witchipoo's fab jewelry 
and shawls,  Nancy Geany's  handmade quilts, banners and aprons, 
stationery from A Flood of Paper and, of course, 
tasty delights from Scoops 
and artisanal chocolates from Sweet Pierre's
And that's just a few of the delightful vendors 
who came out to support a good cause, 
Wilton's own Social Services.

Marie, the show organizer, grabbed my heartstrings 
when she asked us to remember how cold our homes got 
a few weeks ago when we lost power 
due to a freak storm.  
She then asked us to imagine it being that cold 
(or much colder) ALL of the time 
because we didn't have money for fuel!  
It may not be obvious to the casual onlooker, 
but there are over 125 families 
in our town who are struggling...who need our help. 
Money raised from baked goods sales and the auction 
will go directly to help those families.

So, it was a fantastic day all around and Pamfairy and I 
thank you for coming out and supporting us...
It was such fun to see you all...